Apartment A6
FIRST FLOOR / 112,50 m2

Nature-inspired Interior

Nature-inspired Interior

Interior design makes use of natural materials for higher living experience

Interior Design

The interior design matches the overall architecture of the building, merging structural, functional and aesthetic values as a unique work of art. The created living atmosphere reflects the high living standards of future residents.

The apartments’ interior design proposal uses the dominant material of the exterior, indigenous Istria stone, and introduces it into the personal space. The stonewall, reminiscent of the Mediterranean surrounding, visually unites the living and dining area in a single open space, performing its functional, aesthetic, but also a symbolic role.

This kind of symbolic connection to nature is also achieved through the subtle use of wood in the interior, interpreting the spirit of the place and introducing the nature into the living space.


Aluminum external shutter hardware – Sliding systems, fixed walls and windows of high quality aluminum profiles with interrupted thermal bridge, excellent sound insulation and anti-theft system, glass with thermo-insulation three layer glass with low-e layers.
The front exterior doors – made in burglary and fire resistant performance.
Interior doors – modern design made of high quality materials, in plane with the walls with hidden hinges-pants, without hinges, about 220 cm tall.
Parquet flooring – multi-layered, large format made of bleached oak, with necessary certificates for underfloor heating.
Ceramics – floor and wall – high quality, modern design, Italian, anti-slip interior ceramics of a larger format. Sanitary rooms- equipped with sanitary equipment and fittings of modern design of renowned producers.
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning installations – System of heating pumps with floor heating in all rooms with ceiling fan coils channels for cooling and additional heating.
Electrical installations – “Smart Installation” which allow great flexibility in the usage of the apartment, as well as flexible scheduling.

Functionality of the Space

The layout is characterized by maximal effectiveness, functionality and flexibility of all spaces.

Already in the entrance area of apartments, accessible through the open external staircase, there is a visible correlation between the spacious interior with external surfaces through the floor and wall materialization.

The kitchen is integrated in the longitudinal wall and thus combines and extends the connecting space which is fully opened toward the terrace through airy, large glass surfaces. Comfortable bedroom oriented towards the sea with terrace and a separate bathroom makes the concept of this ground plan very unique. Larger apartments are three sides oriented and include second bedroom, also with its own bathroom.
If necessary, it is possible to use the living room space as an option to extend sleeping areas.

Energy certificate – A+ category of energy efficiency (less than 15 kWh/m2) which guarantees significantly lower costs of energy and housing – 75% savings!!

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